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All About Shipping Containers

In shipping industry, the goods have to be packed well, something that ensures its protection and safety while being moved on the ship and on transport to its destination. For this reason, it means that shipping containers where it’ll be stored have to be strong, a safe storage facility, allow handling and at the same time, can endure the abuse of the whole shipping process. As a matter of fact, there are many different kinds of shipping containers being used to ship specific goods as well as merchandise.

Wood containers – basically, these are wooden boxes used for weapons and to other products known to be heavy. One good example of these containers are crates that are used by military.

Corrugated cardboard boxes – these are fiberboards that are actually corrugated and at the same time, lighter and shipper while being reusable as well.

Steel or metallic shipping containers – these are actually the common freight containers that are transported by railway, road, air and by shipping. These containers are remarkably durable and also have outstanding handling properties which make them the standard shipping containers.

Plastic shipping containers – these are being used for transporting materials like liquid products or substances that can be corrosive to metallic and wooden devices.

The materials to which shipping containers are made are not just the only thing that you have to know as there are also different containers categorized on its design.

Number 1. Flat rack container – these are actually an open container that normally measures 20ft in size and has foldable sides which lets it to easily accommodate large cargos.

Number 2. Dry storage type – the primary purpose of this dry storage is to ship and store dry goods. They also come in varying sizes just like other kinds of containers in this list. But oftentimes, you will find it in measurements of around 20 to 40 feet long.

Number 3. Open side or open top container – as the name implies, top cover could be opened easily to create more room upwards while the other hand has got doors which open on either sides. As a matter of fact, it can ferry bulky merchandises and may additionally be used in shipping perishable goods as the opening serve as ventilation too.

Number 4. Tank containers – these ones are made to units of varying volumes and used to transport gaseous and liquid products at the same time. Non corrosive steel is used to make these shipping containers primarily for safety reasons.

Regardless of the type and design of shipping containers, the best that can be used are the one that has passed ISO certification standards.

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