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The Story of Iran Sanction Evasion

Efforts to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons may fail to yield the desired outcome if the US and the top European nations are not careful. Despite the stern sanctions meted by the US, the Iranian government is hell bent on advancing its nuclear weapons program. From early 2002 to date, the Iranians have tried to use every trick imaginable in the book to advance their nuclear program. Iran nuclear ambitions are led by top politicians and government officials who are determined to attain their aim one day. The sanctions imposed by the US on Iran economy have yielded some fruits but Tehran operatives continue to push on with their plans.

For example, American and the European Union sanctions have caused the Iranian economy to tank, causing a lot of suffering to the ordinary Iranian citizen. The Iranian government is hell bent on developing nuclaier weapons even though there are numerous protests in the country. Operatives in Tehran are uncovering methods to by-pass the sanctions put in place the the US and EU. If the US and EU are not careful, then the Iranians could still acquire nuclear technology using devious ways. This article highlights the ways the Iranian operatives are employing to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the US.

Buying out firms Industrial plants in Europe

The government operatives in Tehran are buying out firms in foreign nations with the aim of advancing their nuclear program. There is for example, an elaborate plan by the Iranian government to acquire firms in a number of nations abroad using proxy corporations. What is suspect is that the Iranians are pouring money into energy companies, with the aim of acquiring key technologies needed to advance their nuclear ambitions.

For example, operatives in Tehran using proxy firms have successfully managed to buy out a number of companies dealing with gas products in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. Once The US was alerted about these activities, several companies were shut down but the tricks persist. What is surprising is that a majority of companies acquired by Iranians in Germany and Italy have failed to generate any profits meaning some eventually under. The main agenda of the Iranian government is to use devious ways to acquire the skills and materials needed to advance their nuclear program.

Procuring materials through proxy companies’ located abroad

The other method government operatives in Tehran are employing to circumvent sanctions is by trying to use proxy companies located in places like Dubai to procure banned equipment and materials. Several link between Iran and some proxy companies based in UAE being used to procure materials have been discovered for example. Even though the European union and the American government are alert, Iran is finding all manner of loopholes to procure materials and continue their nuclear enrichment program.

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